Pilates class for beginners

Even though i’m a personal trainer I still find walking into a new fitness class incredibly intimidating. And the most intimidating class of all? Pilates. From reformer classes full of straps and springs, to pilates hundred, each class can be nerve wracking to a newcomer.  

However, if you’ve always wanted to take part in a pilates class but haven’t quite found the courage then it’s time to sign up to your first class. Not only does it offer plenty of benefits to your body, from a ridiculous core workout to general strengthening.  It also can improve your posture and your overall body alignment.

Mat class v reformer pilates

There are many different types of pilates classes. Though they tend to be based around a mat or a reformer machine.  Both options focus on muscle control over muscle repetition, because pilates is about working against gravity, or in reformer pilates against the reformer machine.  


It will burn, and you will be sore

Whilst the activity might not be high intensity like squat jumps or mountain climbers, the constant movement is still intense.  

Pilates dedicates its focus on small movement which means that you’ll be working specific muscles regularly.  This means that you’ll be dealing with muscle soreness and fatigue after the class, and the next day.  To begin with this pain might last a few days, however over time it will get better.


Wear tight clothes

Even if loose fitting yoga clothes are your preferred workout clothes, you’ll need to favour form fitting clothes for this class. You don’t want your clothes to get in the way of the reformer machine, or your instructor to not be able to see your movements and offer advice.

The perfect outfit would consist of a fitted tank or long sleeved top, with capris or leggings and socks or barefoot – depending on the individual studio.